Bliss Biscotti

Twice-baked Dipping Cookies

Macadamia nut.jpeg

Macadamia Coconut with Pineapple Glaze

A little taste of Aloha comes with our Macadamia and Coconut biscotti. Just the perfect amount of nutty and a touch a sweet citrus bite from the pineapple glaze makes this the perfect coffee snack.


Beerscotti Chocolate Espresso with Stout Glaze

This treat is our take on the classic stout. Coffee and chocolate notes play on the beer glaze. Subtle, yet satisfying, this cookie will play with your expectations for cookie-coffee pairings.

Peach Pecan with Sweet Bourbon Glaze

Using Colorado's own Palisade peaches, this sweet biscotti is a mouthwatering treat. Kentucky bourbon rounds out this delicious treat - don't forget to dip! 


Chili and Cacao 

Pairs well with a crisp cup of coffee or a Mexican hot chocolate. This biscotti combines the richness of dark chocolate and the fruitiness of chilies and cacao nibs.