Our Bliss Scones

Start your morning off right with a delectable scone that will help you get through your day instead of weighing you down. All of Organic Bliss products are made with love, warmth and ingredients you can trust are natural and organic. Feel Good About What You Eat! *All scones are nut free and come in packages of six.

Chocolate Cherry Scone

Description: Our Chocolate Cherry Scone tastes too good to be true. Full of juicy cherries and dark chocolate chips this scone is rich while being light in texture. Baked with golden perfection,adding these to your morning will certainly add pep to your step.

Cranberry Orange Scone

Description: Light and bright, our Cranberry Orange Scone is a ray of sunshine on any plate. Sweet oranges contrast tart cranberries to bring balance to this wonderful treat.

This scone is glazed. 

Lemon Poppy Seed Scone

Description: A classic combination, this scone is elegant and refined. Light and airy, eating this scone will bring reminiscent images of spring flowers and cool breezes to anyone’s morning. 

This scone is glazed.